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Our world is radically changing.  As we embark on this journey into the next Golden Age, we are presented with a unique opportunity to call in and consolidate our wisdom, gifts and talents from all incarnations. It is said that this is our most important lifetime. As the veil thins, the old structures and controls will continue to fall away. We, too, must let go of our limitations and distorted patterns that don’t serve the highest good.

This is not a time for beginners. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to be the warrioress. Remember who you are! You come from the stars and hold the power of creation inside of you, with the love and support of your ancestors behind you. Your soul is infinite. You have had lifetimes lived in harmony and balance with the environment and each other. The Universe has your back! It is time to put on your crown of divine will, wear your cloak of discernment and hold your sword of truth up high.

You have the power to transform what you have brought into this lifetime to heal. You hold the keys to restore balance and harmony within yourself and our precious Mother Earth. What we do going forward is not just for us but for our next seven generations to come.

The answers are not “out there”, they are within. Are you listening? Are you ready? The world needs you to be in your power. This is the path of the spiritual warrior, by way of the heart, through our connection to the God/Goddess, the one who made you. I am here to be a catalyst for your empowerment journey.

My life is no longer my own, it is part of something bigger, as is yours.

From the doorway in to the doorway out,
In Love & Freedom,
Rev. Joy Coscia

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