We all contain both masculine and feminine energies within regardless of gender. And when those energies are in harmony we feel empowered in our bodies and safe in the world. You are able to take appropriate action when needed and manifest abundance, joy and peace in all the areas of your life. 


Join me in this profound healing transmission to balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies within. In this guided channeled journey you will receive a healing from Ascended Master Lady Nada, have your chakra system balanced and upgraded with Unicorn magic and receive an infusion of the Christed Light in your hallographic matrix as we go through the re-birth portal of this Beautiful Spirng Equoinox Gateway.


You can prepare your sacred space by lighting a candle, setting your intentions, cleanse with smudge or essence sprays and surround yourself with any crystals you are called to work with.


May the abundant energies of spirngtime renew, refresh and replensish you mind, body, spirit and soul.


Love, Peace and Grace be with you,

Mitakuye Oyasin 

Reverend Joy Coscia


If you would like to share your meditation experience and insights, I would love to hear from you:


Balancing the Divine Feminine & Masculine Within 3/20/22