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Sacred Site Virtual Retreats

As we enter the doorway to the sacred places of the Earth, the Magician within comes alive, opening the deeper chambers of our heart, inviting us to fall in love with the Earth again. It is through our healing work with Mother Earth that we remember ancient knowledge that is a part of our soul and we become the bridge between Heaven and Earth. It is through our Divine connection to Gaia’s sacred sites that we become a vessel of light and the veil between worlds dissolves. 

The wonderful thing about Earth Healing is you can interact with the energy of a Sacred Site from the comfort of your own home! While it is great to go on an adventure and visit some of these magical places, it may not always be possible to travel or access them in person. The most vital thing is to do the work. The healing that Mother Earth receives when we energetically tune into her many Sacred Sites is not only a healing for the earth, it is a blessing for you, your home and the land you live on that will ripple out to your friends, family and community. When you tune in to a Sacred Site from Divine Will, by way of the Heart and for the Highest Good, you unlock the door to your lifetimes as Magicians, Alchemists, Earth Healers and Wisdom Keepers. You are able to access your personal history, star lineage and ancient knowledge from lifetimes on Earth as well as other realms and dimensions. Through Earth Healing work we awaken and remember that we come from the stars and hold the keys to the mysteries of the Universe inside of us. 

By working with Mother Earth in this way, you are taking a step up in your ascension. Each time you energetically connect to a Sacred Site, you open a doorway that connects you to the Global Grid Matrix,  granting you passage to the inner Crystal and Elemental Kingdoms, Portals to the Cosmic, Angelic and Galactic realms, Light Temples and more. When you choose to be of service to the Earth, the Universe will hold, protect and bless your life in magical ways beyond the limits of your imagination. It truly is the best job there is! 


These Virtual Sacred Site Retreats are for anyone called to work with the Earth and drawn to connect to Mother Gaia’s many special places. All Virtual Retreats are filmed on location at various Sacred Sites around the globe. You can participate from anywhere in the world, download to your personal library and enjoy as often as you like. 


I have worked with Sacred Sites around the world for the last 25 years. It is my Soul's Purpose, Passion and True North. I am so excited and honored to be in service to the Earth and share these Virtual Sacred Site Retreats with you. Let the magical adventure begin!

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