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Winter Solstice Sacred Site Retreat


✨After a 2 month adventure traveling through Scotland and Ireland, interacting with her many sacred sites, I am so excited to facilitate this Magical Winter Solstice Virtual Sacred Site Retreat for you! ✨ journey to the sacred sites and healing waters of Isle of Iona in Scotland, St. Brigid’s Well, and Hill of Tara in Ireland, to open up the heart chakra, heal separation and activate the frequency of Unity Consciousness. ✨ Receive a healing and Solstice blessing from Mother Mary, The Goddess, St. Brigid and Lady Nada. ✨Activate the healing frequency of Bee Magic to raise your consciousness and bring in Divine Love and Unity. ✨This virtual retreat can be downloaded into your personal library and enjoyed anytime you feel guided to journey to the magical lands of Scotland and Ireland, open your heart and connect to Unity Consciousness.



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