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Having a session with  Joy is more like having a conversation about life.  Yet something potent comes through with her insight and guidance.  Joy has helped me with big decisions and with “on the spot” quick guidance. In particular, once when I was leaving on a big trip and my mother was seeming to fail in her dementia; I consulted Rev. Joy for guidance where she saw an image which could be considered non traditional, that helped me make a decision, to let go of my mom, giving her space to pass over in her own way. It all felt very right and in divine timing.  
Joy’s meditation groups are profound for me. She is a wonderful guide in the higher realms.  

Chris- Integrative Medicine Practitioner/Phyician Assistant


I was so fortunate to participate in several of Joy’s meditation classes during a very challenging time. Her vast knowledge and deep connection with Spirit supported and guided me in profound transformational meditations; providing healing and peace from past traumas in my life. This has enabled me to once again find the inspiration and desire to continue on my own personal growth journey, one that I had previously been feeling too weary to continue on. I highly recommend supporting your own journey with the services Joy offers.

Joanna- Craniosacral Therapist

Thank you for this opportunity to sing the praises of Joy Coscia as a powerful Healer, Leader, Teacher and Voice for the Well-Being of our precious Earth! True Healers are born to this work and Joy is, in my opinion, one of those who Spirit has chosen to be true agent of Spirit in this world.
She has walked through the fire and come through to truly become One Who Knows, and is fully capable of assisting others as they walk their Journey with Spirit through this Life. I have had the good fortune to know Joy over many years, firstly as a co-student, later as a Healer and Reader working with her in multiple contexts, and now as a trusted colleague and confidente and (someone who I consult with on a regular basis!), and a dear friend. I can recommend and endorse Joy without reservation as being a Healer and Leader of the Highest Caliber, a trusted guide for anyone seeking support and illumination on their Path. Her work is powerful, transformative, and Blessed by Spirit. No doubt all who are touched by
her work are truly Blessed.

Lisa- Clairvoyant, Healer & Teacher

What others have to say about Joy:

I have worked with Reverend Joy Coscia individually and in meditation groups for the past 7+ years. She is dedicated to supporting and guiding others, including myself, towards transformation, empowerment and towards their highest good. She works with the ancestral guides and spiritual helpers of clients to help individuals better understand intergenerational trauma and the healing of trauma all the way down the client’s lineage. I have been surprised and honored to receive Reverend Joy’s guidance and support in connecting more deeply with myself and my spiritual helpers. Her insights are spot on every time. She has incredible intuitive and psychic capabilities that shine through every session my family members and I have participated in. Joy is a gift to our community and has so much to offer. Joy’s meditation classes are deeply healing and accessible to anyone who is interested. I often listen to the voice recordings of the meditations to recenter when I feel out of balance. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to do the deeper work, to uncover hidden truths, and to find greater clarity in whatever their life circumstances are to  reach out for a session or meditation. Thank you, Joy for all your unconditional love and support!

Joy Jaco- Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

I have had multiple readings with several different Clairvoyants and my readings with Joy have been some of the most fun and clarity inducing. Certain lessons I seem to be working on seem to be gracefully moved or made clear after each reading and I always feel more connected to myself. I highly recommend doing a reading or meditation with her if you are looking for support, insight or growth in psychic/spiritual matters. My favorite part about her guidance and the energies she works with is that it is all gentle. The growth/ clarity comes without struggle or pain which is why she’s at the top of my list for this kind of work.

Evan Reano- Massage Therapist


Rev. Joy Coscia’s Transference Healings and Readings are profoundly empowering. Joy sees me as my highest self, shows me where I am ready to grow, and holds the space for me to embody a more expansive experience. I have taken steps in my life that I would not have believed myself capable of, were it not for her support and guidance. Joy is straightforward, funny and compassionate. She brings spiritual concepts into everyday language and will bring real magic into your life!

Daria- Artist, Author & Priestess

Reverend Joy is an incredible spiritual advisor and teacher. She is very down to earth and so easy to talk to about whatever comes up during the session. She guided my husband and I through the process of selling our house of 19 years and finding a new place to call home. We were able to clear up the energy between us so that we could bring our united hearts to this stressful process. We felt held and guided through this journey and miraculously found our new home and sold our previous house on the same day. We have recently had Reverend Joy do a Transference Healing and a Reading on our new home and feel so empowered by her wisdom. In particular, we really resonated with becoming caretakers of this special place, and feel protected and inspired by the beauty and wisdom of Reverend Joy’s revelations about our new place. We highly recommend her!

Heather- Musician

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