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Spiritual Education:

*Graduate of TH Mystery School Level 3, Alexis Cartwright, Florence, Italy.

*Graduate of TH Mystery School Level 2, Alexis Cartwright, Paphos, Cyprus.

*Graduate of TH Mystery School Level 1, Alexis Cartwright, Kildare, Ireland.

*Graduate of Fundamentals, Advanced and Teacher’s Programs with Founder of Transference Healing, Alexis Cartwright, NSW, Australia.

*Graduate of Her Mystery School, Ashland, OR.

*Graduate of Trance Mediumship Program with Founder John Fulton, Aesclepion Healing Center, San Rafael, CA.

*Graduate of Clairvoyant Teacher's & Seminary Programs, Licensed Minister and Spiritual Counselor, with Director Mary Bell Nyman, Psychic Horizons and the Church of Inner Light, Boulder, CO.

*10 years Intensive clairvoyant training, studying and interacting with sacred sites around the world with mentor Richard Leviton, a professional clairvoyant and long time published author of over 30 books, specializing in Geomancy, Visionary Geography, the Planetary Light Grid & the interconnected realms of Nature Spirits, Angels & Masters. 

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