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A Sanctuary to be spiritually held, nourished & supported

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Dear Soul Family,
Welcome to the Star Nation Alchemy Temple of Light!

This is a protected sanctuary for you to be spiritually held, nourished and supported. Mother Gaia needs us to be in our power, walking the divine path of the heart. When we are in our true, authentic nature, all magic is possible to manifest dreams into daily reality. We come from the stars and have the power of creation inside of us. Our wisdom, gifts and talents, power to heal and self master are encoded in the depths of our being. When you are held and supported these gifts will naturally unfold for you to share with the world. Heal yourself, heal the world. The Archangels, Star Nations and Ancestors of the Light have asked me to hold space for this sanctuary. This is a temple for you to heal, release what is no longer serving your divine purpose, raise your vibration and bring more light. The Star Nation Alchemy Temple of Light is here to support your empowerment journey through these radically changing times we are living in. Whenever two or more gather, we remember that we are not alone and have courage to be open to change and stand in our power to be!

Welcome home

From the Doorway in to the Doorway Out

Mitakuye Oyasin

Rev. Joy Coscia

What you will find inside your Star Nation Alchemy Temple of Light Membership

  • 24/7 ACCESS to the ENTIRE LIBRARY of STAR NATION ALCHEMY GUIDED MEDITATIONS (now only available to Temple of Light Members)

    • These guided meditations are high vibrational healings working with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Shamanic Animal Magic and Star Beings as well as the Crystal, Elemental and Galactic Kingdoms. Each time you listen you will receive a healing and uncover a new layer of self discovery in your awakening process. Listen often!


    • Each month I will channel a new Meditation Journey specific to our soul Temple family that will help support you with the energies that are up for us to work with. Because these high frequency healings are beyond time and space, these meditations, and others in the library, will continue to be relevant to whatever is happening in your world if you listen to the journeys you are drawn to. I find that each time I listen to a meditation, a new layer is revealed.


    • Each new moon, one of the crystal skulls that I am guardian of will come forward to offer communication, healings and transmissions to support you in aligning with the new moon energies of the coming month. You will find feedback for the Full Moon Group Transference Healings and New Moon Crystal Skull Healings on the Star Nation Alchemy Temple of Light Group Healing Page inside your membership.


    • Each full moon all Temple members will receive a full Group Transference Healing© (regularly priced at $135/person)

    • Whenever two or more gather the amount of energy released increases. As we shift, grow and take our next steps in this held container of light, your ascension will increase. To maintain wellness, we must purify, release unwanted energies, raise our frequency and awaken consciousness regularly. Receiving Transference Healings© monthly will help you maintain balance. Transference Healing© is vital to our healing ans ascension process. "Health will be the final frontier of our ascension journey. Self-healing is absolutely vital to our awakening and enlightenment. The first step is self-mastery. By working with frequency-healing we create a direct connection to the Universe, enabling us to absorb its divine technology and ascend." --Alexis Cartwright, founder and anchor of Transference Healing©.

  • 10% Discount on all Star Nation Alchemy Offerings

    • Includes: Individual Transference Healings, Clairvoyant Readings, Reading and Healing Packages and Virtual Sacred Site Retreats. You may use your 10% discount once per month.
Temple of Light Image.jpg

JOIN NOW for a special price of $33/month

Temple membership prices will increase on 1/1/23

Join now to lock in this special rate for the life of your membership.

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