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✨ Join me for a mystical adventure through the Ancient Standing Stone portals and Sacred Sites of the magical Isles and Highlands of Scotland, to heal past life persecution.


✨This will be a powerful soul retrieval healing to reclaim out spiritual gifts that are your birthright and release core wounding and illusion that has kept us stuck in past life pain and trauma.


✨ This one day virtual sacred site retreat can be enjoyed from the comfort of home and downloaded to your personal library for you to work with anytime you feel called to heal past life pain and set yourself free.


✨ When we energetically connect with the Earth through her Sacred Sites, we remember our ancient wisdom as Healers, Shamans, Druids, Magicians and Alchemists. We remember our divinity!


✨In the Native American Spiritual Teachings, the stones (Inyan) of the Earth are our oldest relatives. The Standing Stones are Mother Earth's record keepers and when we connect with them through our heart, for the highest good, a pieces of our soul returns home. We remember the truth of who we are and that we are all related!


✨ This powerful Samhain- All Hallows Eve Virtual Retreat is held in a protected sanctuary of light by the Goddess.


✨The pain of the past is no longer ours to carry. Lay your suffering down at her feet and set yourself free!✨


✨ All healing meditation activations are filmed on location in Scotland.


All Hallows Eve Samhain Virtual Sacred Site Retreat

  • You will receive video downlaods for your retreat from Hightail via email once you have registered. Please note, the digital file that comes with this email in the shop is just a music sample. I am currently overseas and was not able to upload the retreat directly to the shop. Please e-mail me if you have any questions.


    Rev. Joy

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