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🌀 Connect to the ancient land of Cyprus for a profound heart healing journey with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Thoth, the Egyptian God of The Moon, and creator of the Emerald Tablets, the Venus Star Nations and more!

🌀Divine Union is an inward journey that requires us to delve within and heal our masculine and feminine lines of force, for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. When we come into balance, we create a Divine Union within & learn to love ourselves unconditionally. It is from this place of Unity, we can manifest our dreams into practical reality.  

🌀There is much misinformation in the collective regarding divine union and what true masculine & feminine energies are. When we heal these distortions and ingrained patterns, we come into higher consciousness creating peace and harmony that allows us to flow with the twists and turns of life, balancing receptivity with right action in divine timing.

🌀Working with the amazing sacred sites in Cyprus, during Mystery School led me on a path of self discovery to heal my inner masculine energy. I learned in the land of Aphrodite, while visiting many temples honoring the Divine Feminine, to also connect to the Divine Masculine. Because there has been such deep distortion, it is not always easy to recognize. 

🌀True Divine Masculine energy is a quiet and stable force. It does not need to shout or bluster. It holds what is sacred because it honors, respects and protects what is holy, in service to the Goddess! Being in Cyprus illuminated how this energy shows up for me when I surrender and allow myself to receive it. 

🪐And, the galactic activity in Cyprus is truly phenomenal. I have never felt such a strong connection to Venus and our Star Nations as I experienced while on this powerful gridline. It is pure magic!

🌀I am so excited to share this beautiful adventure, connecting to this ancient land with you!



Fall Equinox Online Retreat Available Sept. 21, 2023

  • Participate from the comfort of home, from anywhere in the world. When listening for the first time, I recommend you listen in the following order:

    *Opening video

    *Halls of Amenti Reading (this is optional and powerful to enhance your Meditation Journey)

    *Files 1-3

    Once you have completed your Sacred site retreat you may re-listen in any order you feel drawn.  

    All meditation activaions and instructions will be e-mailed to you via hightail. Please download the files(they do expire) to your personal library and enjoy anytime you want to connect to ancient sacred sites of Cyprus and work with the healing powers of Divine Union. 

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