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Clairvoyant Readings

Heal Yourself and Heal the World.

  • 222 US dollars

Service Description

This is a one hour recorded over-the-phone session for you to receive communication on specific questions you have or issues you want to resolve. I channel communication from your Higher Self and Angelic Guides to clear energy blocks that may get in the way of receiving what’s needed for your next step on your Soul’s journey. Please note, a reading is not advice about what you “should or shouldn’t do”, for predicting the future (you are here of your own free will), or in place of a medical diagnosis. For your Reading, please call from a quiet space with good phone reception, where you won’t be interrupted, be seated upright in a comfortable chair, preferably with your feet flat on the ground. Have your questions ready and the intention to receive what’s needed for your highest good. As an option you can light a candle and smudge your space. After the reading, I will email you a link for your recording. The recordings are time sensitive to protect your privacy. Please download them once you receive them.

Cancellation Policy

Congratulations on taking this step on your empowerment journey. In order to honor our time and your commitment to yourself, we don't offer refunds but will reschedule with 48 hours notice.

Contact Details

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