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Healing & Reading Package

"I am open to change"

    Service Description

    This $333 package includes a full Transference Healing and a Clairvoyant Reading. (You will schedule your healing first then reading separately) This powerful combination is for all souls ready to take responsibility for their own healing journey, spiritual empowerment and self mastery. This is a wonderful space to clear pain, stuck patterns, outdated belief systems and generational trauma from this lifetime and past lives. For your Healing: Because Transference Healing is a 7th dimensional frequency modality, there is no need for physical contact. Sessions are offered absentee & take 1-2hours. You can energetically tune into your healing by setting a sacred space at home with candles, crystals, meditation music, smudge or essence sprays. It is also perfectly fine to fall asleep. This is a lovely way to receive healing energy and it is optional! Your healing will be just as effective whether you are ‘tuning in' or busy doing daily things. Once the healing is complete, we will have a 15-20min. phone conversation about what came up. You will receive a record sheet and divined crystal essence tincture in the mail to support your healing integration. *Please read What is Transference Healing? for a more detailed description* For Your Reading: I channel communication from your Higher Self and Angelic Guides to clear energy blocks that may get in the way of receiving what’s needed for your next step on your Soul’s path, where you can ask specific questions relevant to your healing journey. A Reading will last approximately 45 minutes. Please note, a reading is not advise about what you “should or shouldn’t do”, for predicting the future (you are here of your own free will), or in place of a medical diagnosis. To prepare: Please call from a quiet space with good phone reception, be seated upright in a comfortable chair, preferably with your feet flat on the ground. Booking your first session through our pricing plan will enable you to book your second session at no extra cost. After booking your first session you will receive a link via email to schedule your second session. This healing package works together to create big changes and raise your frequency, consciousness and awareness on many levels.

    Cancellation Policy

    Congratulations on taking this step on your empowerment journey. In order to honor our time and your commitment to yourself, we don't offer refunds but will reschedule with 48 hours notice.

    Contact Details

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