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Individual Transference Healing® Session

Empower your Life!

  • 165 US dollars

Service Description

💛 This offering is for all souls ready to take responsibility for their own healing, ascension and self mastery. Living an abundant life of vitality, freedom, beauty, unconditional love and joy is your birthright. It's time to claim it! For your Healing: ✨ Sessions are offered absentee & take 1-2hours. Because Transference Healing is a 7th dimensional frequency modality, there is no need for physical contact. You can energetically tune into your healing by setting a sacred space at home with candles, crystals, meditation music, smudge or essence sprays. It is also perfectly fine to fall asleep. This is a lovely and optional way to receive your healing. ✨Once your healing is complete, we will connect via WhatsApp for about 20min. to talk about what came up in your healing and answer any questions you may have. If the hour is late for you, you may also choose to receive a recording with audio feedback to listen to in your own divine timing. You will receive the record sheet I use, along with a divined crystal essence tincture in the mail. The essence will support your healing integration over the next 2-3 weeks after your healing. Please note: International clients will receive a picture of their record sheet via WhatsApp and work with their essence energetically. ✨Please read "What is Transference Healing" for a more detailed description* It is my great honor to hold a sacred space for you to take this step in your healing journey & spiritual empowerment. Blessed Be 💛

Cancellation Policy

Congratulations on taking this step on your empowerment journey. In order to honor our time and your commitment to yourself, we don't offer refunds but will reschedule with 48 hours notice.

Contact Details

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